EVOlution of the species

EVO is a low price line created to embrace a different conception of car and mobility, no longer inspired by ephemeral status symbols but models of simplicity, concreteness, practicality and reliability: an EVOlution of the species.



EVO uses state-of-the-art bimodal technology which allows all combustion models to meet the growing need for environmental protection. The use of an alternative fuel such as LPG is now a convenient choice because consumption is reduced and the cost of LPG is much lower than traditional fuels. The EVO range is also environmentally friendly: thanks to the low CO2 emissions, EVO cars are not subject to the payment of the eco-tax and are exempted from traffic blocks, which are increasingly common in our cities.

Full optional as standard

EVO cars have a family feeling that distinguishes them. Modern and pleasant lines with sporting connotations thanks to the alloy wheels as standard. All the interior in faux leather have excellent finishes and design inserts, the interiors are generous and cozy with maximum comfort. The standard equipment is complete: from the infotainment system with screen mirroring to the sunroof that can be electrically opened, passing through the air conditioning and the cruise control.


EVO’s challenge is to create the cheapest cars on the market. EVO is able to offer you the best price without sacrificing quality, comfort and the best technology.

For EVO the total cost of running your car must be convenient so, in addition to offering you the best possible price, it has provided simple and cheap maintenance plans.


Excellent performance and low consumption thanks to EVO’s electric and bimodal technology: ecological and high performance can coexist in a car. Advanced electrical systems combined with modern steel cage construction technologies guarantee maximum active and passive safety throughout the EVO range.