Customer service

EVO provides a CUSTOMER SERVICE that provides information on models, services, sales network, assistance and solutions to reports received

Road service

EVO  guarantees that each new EVO vehicle has been produced in accordance with the manufacturer’s strictest standards and has been checked before delivery. We can therefore guarantee that, in the event of a manufacturing or material defect on the vehicle – during the warranty period – it will be repaired by an approved EVO workshop, without any charge for spare parts and/or labour.
The warranty period begins from the date of first registration and is valid for 24 months without distance limitation.

Spare parts

Original EVO spare parts are designed to maintain the reliability, comfort and performance characteristics that the car offers straight after leaving the factory.
Original EVO spare parts are the ideal solution for the maintenance of your car as they meet the exact technical specifications of the original system.
You can buy EVO spare parts in any workshop authorized by EVO.

Warranty and maintenance

EVO provides a 24-hour ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE SERVICE – 365 days a year for requests for towing and dépannage